La Forge De Style corporation based its world-wide credibility on its prestigious work realized throughout the years in the creation and design of high end architectural and furniture projects.


At first, established in USA in 2002, La Forge De Style has managed to set up in France. From then, it has been part of the best French companies exporting their “savoir-faire” all over the world.


Because of its experience and craftsmanship, La Forge De Style brings together a team of 50 highly skilled artisans over USA and France to meet the expectations of a discerning clientele. 

La Forge De Style - Railing
Wrought iron railing with "repoussé" foliage covered by gold leaf 24k for a private residence - New York City
La Forge De Style - Bronze gate
Bronze gate for a private residence - New York City

La Forge De Style-Bronze patinated spiral stair
Bronze patinated spiral stair - New York
La forge de style Wrought iron
Forging process to fabricate sample

Specializing in the manufacture of railings, stairs, doors and grills but also of furniture of the highest standards; both teams work with the noblest of materials such as bronze, brass, copper, titanium, aluminium and iron.



From the United States to China through the Middle East, Russia and Europe, La Forge De Style goes around the world at the request of architects and other clients. The opportunity to be working for some of the finest luxury brands and private residences worldwide brought in the past fifteen years fame and recognition.


The label “EPV” (Living Heritage Company) awarded in 2012 is its testimony.

La Forge De Style - Samples presentation by LFDS
Samples presentation by LFDS