Outstanding projects

Our goal : customer satisfaction through high quality services including quick answers and actions that built our reputation and strength. You can get a taste of our work by looking at our masterpieces done throughough the world in Chicago, New-York City, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Shangai, Hong-Kong, Los Angeles, Doha, Singapor, Saint Moritz, Gstaad, London, Dubai, Kuwait … 


Our two ateliers work with the same techniques in harmony on custom projects around the world.             


From design development to on-site installation and through all phases of fabrication in the atelier, each project is studied in our studio and in collaboration with the client.



Our extensive knowledge of architectural styles allows us to offer our clients freehand design development sketches that can be transferred to software for technical development. 


The drawings then become part of the fabrication process in the entirety of the project. Each piece of the project is made in the rules of the art, and the quality is controlled at each stage of the fabrication. Patinas and textures are presented in the form of samples and subject to client approval before being implemented. The exclusivity of a texture to a single and unique project is also possible if the client requests it.


At the client’s request and depending on the complexity of the project we execute our own installation including all coordination with the other trades following the project to its final completion.